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The Irish Group Analytic Society is the professional body for Group Analysts in Ireland and a member of the psychoanalytic section of The Irish Council of Psychotherapy.

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Train as a Group Analyst

The Irish Institute of Group Analysis in conjunction with The School of Psychotherapy at St Vincent’s University Hospital (www.tsop.ie) delivers and awards clinical training for Group Analytic Psychotherapists in Ireland. This is the only training in Group Analytic Psychotherapy available in Ireland.

There are three levels of training which take place over nine weekends per year from September to June. The block training nature of the course facilitates students from all over the island of Ireland as well as those who continue to work whilst undergoing training.

Personal therapy in a Group Analytic setting is the cornerstone of Group Analytic training, underpinning all aspects of learning on the Course. By undergoing Group Analytic Psychotherapy as a group member, the student acquires first-hand experience of the therapeutic potential of Group Analysis. The self-knowledge gained is the foundation for the students’ developing resources.

Foundation Course in Group Analysis

This is a one-year training in the principles of Group Analysis. Each student joins a therapy group giving an experience and live understanding of how groups work. Work discussion groups provide a setting where students learn about the group and team dynamics of the work setting. Theory seminars also take place in a group format. Successful completion leads to the award of a Certificate for the Foundation Course in Group Analysis.

Diploma in Group Work Practice

On completion of the foundation course, students can progress onto The Diploma in Group Work Practice. This two-year training continues with a similar structure and is of benefit for those working with groups in a variety of settings, organisational, health care, education, and the voluntary sectors.

Qualifying Course in Group Analysis

The Qualifying Course can follow on from successful completion of the Diploma Programme. It is a training in the work of a group analytic psychotherapy and involves setting up a training group in an approved setting under the supervision of the Course.

MSc in Group Analytic Psychotherapy

The three-year Qualifying Course runs concurrently with a two year M.Sc. in Group Analytic Psychotherapy School, with The School of Medicine and Medical Science, U.C.D.  The tripartite structure of the Qualifying Course continues with personal therapy in small and large groups, theory and supervision seminars. In addition students attend a series of lectures in Psychoanalytic studies and Psychopathology. In order to enhance learning and to integrate theory and practice, students are required to submit written work for theory and supervision seminars. The aim is to promote the students ability to deepen their knowledge of the background theories which have contributed to the practice of Group Analysis. By the end of this Course students will be prepared for professional group practice in the public and private sectors. They will have further developed their understanding of the core areas of Group Analysis and its application to clinical and other fields.

Successful completion of the Qualifying Course leads to the professional qualification of Clinical Licence to Practice and the title of Group Analyst, which is awarded by the IIGA.

Accredited Group Analysts can apply for registration to The Irish Council for Psychotherapy through IGAS - The Irish Group Analytic Society and they can apply for membership to The European Association of Psychotherapy.

Website links:

www.tsop.ie – Foundation Course Prospectus available as download here and notification about upcoming Information Events


For further information contact:
Louise Hughes

School Administrator
The School of Psychotherapy,
St Vincent’s University Hospital
Elm Park,
Dublin 4

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For information about next year's intake 2022-23, please email Louise Hughes for information. 





What is Group Analytic Psychotherapy?

The group is central to supporting change in individuals, to reuniting us with each other and delivering a healthier self.

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Train as agroup analyst

The Irish Institute of Group Analysis offers three levels of training which take place over nine weekends per year from September to June.


IGAS is the professional body for Group Analysts in Ireland. Join or Renew your membership here.

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