What is Igas?

The Irish Group Analytic Society is the professional body for Group Analysts in Ireland and a member of the psychoanalytic section of The Irish Council of Psychotherapy.

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About IGAS

The Irish Group Analytic Society was founded to promote the practice and development of Group Analysis, also known as Group Analytic Psychotherapy. In April 1995, a group of graduates from the training course came together to establish the Society. Their aim was to support and develop the work of Group Analysts, and to connect with the wider community of practitioners of applied group work throughout Ireland.

The Society has as its first two objectives:

  • To provide a network for practising group analysts and support and development for their work
  • To assist in the development and application of group analysis within the framework of Health, Education, Social Services and Business Organizations

IGAS is linked to the wider community of psychotherapists through the umbrella organisation, The Irish Council of Psychotherapy


  • Promotes the work of group analysis in Ireland.
  • Acts as a central meeting place for all working in the field of group analysis.
  • Represents and supports students in training
  • Provides ongoing involvement in CPD opportunities.
  • Promotes compliance with the highest ethical standards

IGAS is the professional society which represents the interests of all those working in the group analytic therapeutic community. Every member contributes to ensuring the future of Group Analysis in Ireland.

Membership allows for:

  • Registration and accreditation with the Irish Council for Psychotherapy (ICP)
  • Management of CPD
  • Representation of your professional and practice interests within the emerging European regulatory framework that will apply to all professional psychotherapists
  • Networking and Connecting events throughout the year

IGAS has four categories of member:

  • Clinically Accredited Membership - open to Graduates of Group Analytic Training Courses
  • Associate Membership - open to those with an interest in Group Analysis and Group Work
  • Student Membership - Open to all persons who are currently registered as students on a group analysis training course recognised by IGAS.
  • Honorary Membership


What is Group Analytic Psychotherapy?

The group is central to supporting change in individuals, to reuniting us with each other and delivering a healthier self.

Find a group psychotherapist

Search the list of group psychotherapists and group analytic services in Ireland.

Train as agroup analyst

The Irish Institute of Group Analysis offers three levels of training which take place over nine weekends per year from September to June.


IGAS is the professional body for Group Analysts in Ireland. Join or Renew your membership here.

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